New Beginnings

Spring is always a magic time here in Door County. This year, in particular, we are feeling very grateful for the awakening taking place outside the door of the Blacksmith Inn On The Shore. This “awakening” has been very slow to arrive. Last week I ran into a naturalist friend who pointed out that this year our spring is three weeks behind the “normal”. In contrast last year spring was three weeks ahead of norm. So, with last year as a point of reference, we are six weeks behind!

This morning as I stepped outside with our dogs, Esme and Lily, I was serenaded by two goldfinches sitting in one of the serviceberry trees next to the Harbor House. The song was so beautiful and I listened so long and intently that the dogs finally had to remind me that we were outside for their morning “business” and not for my auditory pleasure.

The swale between the Blacksmith Inn and the beach is loaded with all species if birds just singing their hearts out. At night the chorus of spring peepers swells to a sometimes almost deafening level before diminishing to the normal decibels required for frog/toad romance.

Almost every Blacksmith Inn guest this week has commented on the “entertainment” just outside their door. As we approach the Memorial Day weekend we are appreciative of the little slice of paradise we have here in Baileys Harbor. And we are so happy that we get to share it with so many others who treasure it for what it is.