Great Northern Door Spots to Catch a Game

Stabbur's goat sign

Stabbur’s goat sign

Packer fans are some of the most zealous in the world, and as a Green Bay native, theirs is the culture I was raised in. I took green and gold for granted as a child, and I never questioned why school let out early on a January day in 1996. Though I eventually left Green Bay, I still could not escape the passion for this team. As far away from Wisconsin as I have traveled and lived, from the American West Coast to central France and back to Door County, I have found Packer fans in Packer bars.

Door County, with its proximity to the frozen tundra, should be a hotbed for Packer-supporting establishments, and indeed it is. Some of the best places to watch a game are in the Northern Door. Perhaps the newest game-day destination is the little sister one of Sister Bay’s oldest standbys, Al Johnson’s Stabbur. Perfect for pre and early-season games, the outdoor Scandinavian beer bar with a view of the Green Bay is the most picturesque choice for a football game. Its outdoor seating accommodates both the pull to spend the last weekend days of summer in the sunshine and the need to not miss a minute of game play. Stabbur has a big screen and lawn games as well as a brief game-day menu. Open well into October, Stabbur has some covered seating for soggy weather.

Stabbur’s Distance from Blacksmith Inn: 9 miles

Further south on the peninsula’s bay side is a Fish Creek tavern named for its location. A Fish Creek staple since the 1970’s, the Bayside is possibly the coziest place to watch a Packer game. Its dark wood bar and walls and famous chili or signature Bayside coffee keep out winter’s cold. An animated crowd keeps the atmosphere lively. The bar is particularly spirited when the Packers play the Bears, as Chicago fans are many in Door County.

Bayside Tavern’s Distance from Blacksmith Inn: 8.3 miles

Closest to the Blacksmith Inn is the Cornerstone Pub in Baileys Harbor. This bar and restaurant is always bustling, even on winter weeknights. No matter how packed it gets, though, Cornerstone’s vibe stays convivial. It is the Northern Door lakeside destination for a tasty burger or a top-notch fish fry, and with a green-and-gold-painted bear trap as decor, it is a self-proclaimed Packer bar.

Cornerstone Pub’s Distance from Blacksmith Inn: Walkable (469 feet)

Packer game attendees

Packer game attendees

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have tickets to a home game in Lambeau Field, staying in Baileys Harbor is the perfect way to make a weekend of it. Green Bay is day trip-distance from the Blacksmith Inn. Check our availability for your ticket dates.

Lambeau Field’s Distance from Blacksmith Inn: 73.7 miles (1 hour, 20 minutes)