Relax into Spring at a Door County Spa


Cherry orchard in bloom

Cherry orchard in bloom

Before I gave birth to my daughter, some wise friends gifted me an afternoon at Saguaro Day Spa. After perusing the spa’s menu of services, I booked a massage and the house pedicure. On the afternoon of my indulgence I went to the spa alone. I checked in and was shown to the waiting area. A host brought me a cold glass of water. Sipping it, I absentmindedly pulled out my phone to check it. After a few minutes of scrolling, the entrance of another spa client caught my attention, and I glanced around the room. I noticed a sign requesting cell phones remain off and out of sight, so I sheepishly slid mine back into my bag. I sunk back into the sofa and looked out the window, trying to calm my mind. My massage therapist called my name shortly, and he showed me to a dim, quiet room and left. Soft music played as I undressed to my waist and arranged myself, belly and all, on the table. The therapist returned and began my massage. My phone a distant memory, I was able to disconnect myself from the pulls of life and anxieties about the future. Through the therapist’s touch I relaxed muscles I hadn’t realized had been tensed for the past few months.

After my massage, I returned to the waiting room. Advised to drink plenty of water, I had another cool glass while I waited for my pedicure technician. I didn’t think of browsing my phone; instead, I gazed out the window at the nature beyond. Soon, a young woman called me, and I went to the pedicure area, a small room which contained only a few chairs and plenty of natural light. One other woman was already seated and waiting to begin her treatment. My technician soaked my feet in warm water before massaging my legs and feet with an exfoliating scrub. While she worked, the four of us chatted intermittently. The atmosphere remained zen and unrushed. My feet, a little tired from months of bearing new weight, were renewed. At the end of my treatment, I drank still another glass of water, savoring the time to myself.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 26 minutes (19.6 miles)

A day, afternoon or single treatment at one of Door County’s well-reputed spas is one of the best ways to relax into your time here. The peninsula offers plenty of locations with unique services.


The Lavender Spa, located in the Settlement Courtyard Inn in Fish Creek, offers a secluded setting. Their menu offers a wide variety of massage types, including hot and cold stones, deep tissue and plenty of services that focus on the face for full relaxation. Complete your time in the infrared cedar sauna.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 14 minutes (9.5 miles)


In Ephraim, Spa at Sacred Grounds presents a full spread of relaxation and beautification services. Choose from a range of facial and massage treatments, including eye contouring, cupping, Lomilomi and raindrop therapy. Adjacent to your treatment, schedule time in the steam room or sauna, or attend a yoga class at Spa at Sacred Grounds’s in-house Tree of Life Studio.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 12 minutes (9.1 miles)


Egg Harbor’s Spa Verde’s mission is in its name. Touting its dedication to a green lifestyle, throughout all its salon and spa services, Spa Verde avoids chemicals and uses natural products. Give your mane some attention in Spa Verde’s salon and follow with a custom massage and time in the infrared sauna.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 13 minutes (9 miles)


After a day of relaxation, keep the chill vibes rolling into your hotel room. Book your room-with-a-whirlpool at the Blacksmith Inn.