World-Class Entertainment at the Door County Auditorium

The Door County Auditorium brings well-known and brand new performers to the peninsula's stage.

The Door County Auditorium brings well-known and brand new performers to the peninsula’s stage.

One fall evening, I attended a Gibraltar High School football game with my husband, who works at the school. As we stood at the fence watching the initial kickoff, some friends of ours walked up. They looked really dressed up for a high school football game, I commented, and they replied that they weren’t staying; they were on their way to see the Indigo Girls in concert at the Door County Auditorium next door. The Indigo Girls?! I couldn’t believe I didn’t know the Grammy-winning pair was playing in Fish Creek. I wasn’t familiar with all of their music, but some of their early 2000’s songs were indispensable in my high school experience. Our friends invited me to join them. They had tickets already but thought I might get a single ticket at the door. I didn’t need much convincing. A little guiltily I said “later” to my husband and set off to see the Indigo Girls. 

Happily, I was able to get a ticket the row ahead of my friends. The seats were great – on the floor about halfway back. I enjoyed people-watching until the lights dimmed and Amy Ray and Emily Saliers walked onto the stage. They launched right into an upbeat folk song, their flawless guitar playing electrifying the auditorium. I didn’t know all of the songs, but I loved every moment of their set; the Indigo Girls are world-class musicians and performers. Violinist Lyris Hung, who regularly collaborates with the duo, joined them on stage for several songs, elevating their melodies with her rich, complex fiddling. On our feet, the audience sang along to the Indigo Girls’ hit “Closer to Fine.” I left the Auditorium with that warm, content feeling that, though I had not expected to see a concert that evening, it was exactly where I was meant to be. 

Over the years I’ve attended many performances at the Door County Auditorium, from high school musicals to Irish dancing. With only 725 seats, performances still feel intimate. The excellent facility boasts a full calendar during the summer and fall seasons and a few well-chosen shows during the winter. While most of their performances are musical, dance, comedy and theater performances also grace the stage. The 2019 season has a range of performance types, from ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro to comedian Tom Papa to collaborative performance Choir! Choir! Choir! to Wisconsin’s beloved Charlie Berens, comedic actor and creator of the “Manitowoc Minute,” who appears with Special Consensus. The Auditorium also books known favorites, like The Righteous Brothers, Lyle Lovett and his Large Band, and Mavis Staples, as well as local performers like Katie Dahl. 

Northern Door County is fortunate to have a performance space of quality that attracts high-calibur performers to the peninsula. After taking in a unique show, sit on your balcony and relive it with your special someone at the Blacksmith Inn. Check our availability for your post-performance rest. 

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 12 minutes (7.5 miles)

Pre-registration required: It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance

Cost: Most shows range from $28-48, depending on seating