Northern Door’s Farmers Market Bounty

The harvest abounds at Northern Door County's farmers markets.

The harvest abounds at Northern Door County’s farmers markets.

Summer is winding down, and I’m feeling like my tiny garden is about finished for the season, and besides, I’m tired of tomatoes and lettuce. Happily, a trip to one of Northern Door’s farmers markets will reinfuse my kitchen repertoire with the freshest and the best fare of the season. My husband, daughter and I made the trip to Sturgeon Bay’s farmers market last Saturday morning to secure some local jalapenos and carrots for pickling. While there I couldn’t resist some fat garlic, gorgeous roma tomatoes, purple cabbage and a bouquet of golden beets. Refrigerator stocked. 

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 33 minutes (22 miles)

Northern Door boasts several excellent farmers markets to re-up your fresh produce game. Closest to the Blacksmith Inn is the Baileys Harbor Farmers Market, which takes place each Sunday morning from 9-1 on the Town Hall lawn May through October and inside the Town Hall on many Sundays in the winter. Though the event feels quaint, there are actually over 35 vendors. Local farmers show their most recent yield, much of it organic. Expert canners, fermenters and cheesemakers offer a range of products, from sauerkraut and jam to kimchi and chevre. Artists display photo prints and sculptures, and florists sell fresh-cut blooms. It’s even possible to have lunch prepared for you at this market; The Egg Roll Lady’s menu includes egg rolls and crepes and Totally Bueno Burritos offers different flavors of Mexican goodness as well as bean dip and salsa. 

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Walkable in 1 minute (.1 miles)

On Tuesday mornings from 9-1, farmers and artisans gather in Jacksonport for a market in Lakeside Park. This market boasts about 70 percent farm products, all local, and a usually quieter atmosphere than some of the other markets.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 10 minutes (7.2 miles)

Wednesday mornings farmers can be found from 9:30-1:30 at the Settlement Shops in Fish Creek. Vendors at this modest market are happy to talk with shoppers, and live music sets the tone. 

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 14 minutes (9.5 miles)

Baileys Harbor delivers on fresh produce again on Thursdays from 10 am-1 pm. The Door County Brewing Co. Market is a mini-market on the lawn in front of the brewing company. What it lacks in quantity, the market makes up for in quality. Find organic vegetables, blueberries, honey and wax products and fermented goods. Sip a chai from Bearded Heart Coffee right next door as you browse.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Walkable in 2 minutes (.2 miles)

Fridays in Egg Harbor are fresh in Harbor View Park. The Farmers Market from 9-1 boasts growers, producers and craftspeople and products uniquely from Door County. The market continues through October 25.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 14 minutes (9.2 miles)

Sister Bay’s Saturday morning market is at the Corner of the Past open-air museum. From 8-12 you’ll feel as if you’ve walked back in time, with vendors nestled among the buildings of an early 20th-century farm selling excellent fresh produce and unique finds from baked goods to hand-knit sweaters.

Distance from the Blacksmith Inn: Driveable in 9 minutes (7.4 miles)

Whether you’re in search of the cream of the crop in organic produce or a jar of unique artisan-made preserves, or you just want to listen to some live music in a great outdoor atmosphere, you’re sure to be satisfied at a Door County farmers market. Love the atmosphere for a whole week or weekend; the Blacksmith Inn is within walking distance of two of the best markets. Check our availability here